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Shopping Cart websites

E Commerce/ Shopping Cart websites

The paradigm shift from outdoor shopping to online is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the digital times. The market has thus witnessed a substantial growth in terms of expansion and purchase. Various trends and strategies for online shopping have widened the horizons for digital marketing and Internet businesses. Speaking of which, purchases that are made online are tracked for behavior of their buyers’ onsite. 


With the markets flooded with numerous products and services, it is imperative that your product or service stands out.

E-purchase, shopping cart, is considered a boon with the millennial because of the comfort it offers. A shopping cart is accessible 24/7 allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home.  

Your online marketing plan has to align to the changing trends:

However, online sales also require a marketing mix and a certain plan in place to boost sales. Irrespective of whether you are a rookie in the online business or you have had an online business for many years, you have to align with the current market trends. Consumer taste, buyers attitude keep evolving and your marketing plan has to also change to boost sales. At Web Unicorn we plan a marketing strategy that will hit home with today’s buyers old and new.

The 4 ‘p’s of marketing:

While the four P’s of marketing mix- People, Price, Place and Product remain unchanged the tone of your adverts will have to speak the language of the current buyer. Therefore, an online store manager could do well by focusing on getting traction to the website and attract the right consumer base, i.e. targeted audience

Retain loyal customers:

The strategy to retain your current loyal customer reaps more rewards that finding new customer. While loyal customers give repeated sale with increased purchasing, a new customer will pinch into your marketing budget with no guarantees of the outcome. Offer loyalty points and incentive to your trusting buyer and see you bottom line profits increase.

In the age of freebies, coupons and discounts play a significant role. They help retain your loyal customer as well as increase the customer base further adding to the list of buyers. Daily shopping deals are what the buyers look for and pass on their recommendations further.

We at WebUnicorns draw up an effective incentive plan to retain your loyal customer as well as in conversion. 

Product categorization:

Product categorization is another key to focus on for online sales. The category of products helps the marketer increase the reach online. This generates the interest of the sales, which leads to budget optimization.

Other programs to reach out to your customer:

What ultimately count are the sales a company generates. PR campaigns, online advertisements, keyword research, Website optimization all the above make a website look ready-to-use for the consumer and thus the cycle repeats. Web Unicorn creates an updated website for your company along with campaigns for boosting sales and branding.

Even though there are several of e-commerce platforms luring a consumers, the shopping carts enhances the experiences for them and help them make the right choice as a buyer.

Feedback of the consumers matters which makes an online product review counts making a huge difference. Product images which create an impact attract the consumer to make a purchase. The more compelling the picture the more is the sales.  Therefore, product image and product reviews work closely with each other.

Site navigation helps the buyers reach to their desired product quickly. The unnecessary scrolling is likely to dissuade your buyer to make the purchase. The team at WebUnicorns is also strict about privacy issues and secures all customer information protecting them from being misused.  

Shopping carts are likewise safer. Having essential features like reward points, Facebook and Instagram related products, recently viewed products by the buyers, email sharing’s, gift cards, discounts and more is a definite boost to the sales. Allowing different kinds of payment methods such as purchase through all major credit cards, purchase orders, PayPal, Google Pay/Checkout, Paytm, cash on delivery are fantastic way to increase your online sales.


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