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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing:

It was in the 90’s when the digital medium came in as a huge thrust of innovation and changed of the way of conducting business. Digital marketing is any form of online advertising. This has today emerged as the new age marketing tool.

Everything, from essential information to online shopping, is available at the tip of your fingers. So if your buyers are more online, then digital platforms are the place to shake hands with them. Along with conventional methods of marketing your products/services, advertising by using the Internet is now become imperative.

Marketing your products through the channel such as websites, emails, search engine, and other social online platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube, video marketing, mobiles, online brochures, and such other are popular platforms of digital marketing.

Today a marketer integrates digital marketing in their broadcasting plans. Aware of how each digital campaign supports their long term aims, he leverages technologies like Content, Blogging (Influencer marketing), SEO and SEM, advertising campaign, content automation and such to connects with his target group and potential target groups and gains from it.

Associated promotion requires you to promote other affiliated brands on your website or blog posts. For example: Posting links of associated brands on your website or playing video adverts through partner programs, popular being YouTube and such.

Social Media Marketing:

Promoting your brand through social media platforms boosts awareness of your brand, gets more traffic onto your brand information or website, and generally accelerates the growth of your business. We utilize the following channels for social media promotion. They are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn (more for personal profile)
  • Twitter
  • Other chatting platforms

Engaging content:

Creating  engaging content by populating it with keywords is yet another service we offer at our creative unit. We develop content not just for your website but also for the blogs and other platforms which lends itself to written words.

Marketing content:

Apart from creating content we also provide promotional services to generate awareness of the brand/service, improve traction to your blog or website, generate leads and attract new buyers. We boost marketing of your content which is in various forms such as:

Blog/ influence content

Online brochures / company information

Product description


Yet another digital marketing tactic we employ is email marketing:

As support to other forms of digital marketing we use email to communicate with the target groups. Often using this channel to promote the discount scheme, events we customize the tonality of our email, which of course, varies from brand to brand.

We handle:


Subscriptions for your blog

Welcome emails

Announcing discount schemes

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